About Us

Language Hub del Caribe is a  Private Training College and Multidisciplinary Educational Institution registered with the Companies Office of Jamaica. This hub was formed to provide students with a safe virtual environment to practice languages with native and near native language professionals.

Sasha Gaye Shaw the founder of the institution is a graduate of the University of Sanctí Spíritus José Martí Pérez in Cuba. She holds a Master’s degree in Spanish and Literature Education. Sasha’s love for foreign  languages was peaked at an early  age and she pursued Spanish Language at the CXC level (Standardized  testing system recognized throughout the English Speaking Caribbean).After successfully advancing to tertiary language studies  she  quickly came to the realization that her knowledge had only provided  her with basic proficiency in the language but not fluency.

Language Hub del Caribe was created with  the objective of  building students’ proficiency and fluency in languages

Meet our Tutors



Sasha Gaye Shaw
Spanish and English Tutor
Eureka Cawich
Spanish and English Tutor

Our hub has a dynamic group of tutors who are trained in pedagogy and modern languages. Our teachers have also taught modern languages at the secondary and tertiary levels.  The tutors at the language hub are also experienced in using information and communication technology in their classes.

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